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Tostitos Scoops with Hot Popcorn Chicken and Blue Cheese

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:




About the Recipe


The Chicken:

La Nova Popcorn Chicken cooked according to directions

Other Ingredients:

  • La Nova Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce

  • Blue Cheese Dressing


Place Tostitos scoops on a tray (cup side up)

Fry (or bake) La Nova Popcorn Chicken until internal temperature reaches 165F

Place a quarter sized dollop La Nova’s blue cheese in base of Tostitos scoops

Place cooked popcorn chicken in a bowl and cover all surface area with La Nova’s Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce

Place the sauced Popcorn chicken on top of the blue cheese in the Tostitos scoops

Serve Hot or cold

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